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"De Temporum Fine Postludia II", is available
world-wide through Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and
many other online distributors!
"This music has feeling. It breathes. It is engaging. One cannot listen to it passively... Wilke's playing goes far beyond the notes, convincing the listener that both composer and performer are living, sensate persons, giving us the opportunity to understand something deep through this beautiful language of music. Highly recommended."
    - Jim McCutcheon, Guitar Foundation of America Soundboard Magazine

"...A notable achievement...compelling music in a performance that commands attention. The listener is immediately captivated by the virtuosity, dynamics and color that are so abundantly present. Most baroque lute recordings, by contrast, sound careful and restrained, the performer unwilling to take any risks. Thus, this CD has a spirit and sound all its own. I give it a very high recommendation."
    - Howard Kadis, Lute Society of America Quarterly

"Would that all CDs combined such fine playing (and beautifully recorded, too) with such intelligent program building. I look forward to future releases on this level from Wilke."
    - Tom Moore, Early Music America

"Christopher Wilke has drawn together a fascinating programme... Wilke's playing is superb, both expressively and technically."
    - Adrian Horsewood, Early Music Today (UK)

"Dr. Wilke has created something rarely seen: a gutsy, personal, emotional reading of baroque lute music. His mastery of the instrument as well as his deep knowledge of performance practice and style could have been enough to produce an album that was exceptional had he not taken all the artistic "chances" that he did. But he did what one is supposed to do, but few dare: have that be the starting point and then pour your heart into it... There is something special here for everyone."
    - Scott Saari, CD Baby 

"This is rare music indeed. Wilke employs a wide range of dynamics and tone colours, which is engaging and appropriate for the period. He plays with drive and energy."
    - Early Music (UK)

"This album presents a unique approach to the music of two monumental composers: mold-breaking interpretation, combined with a clear personal vision."
     - Konstantin Bozhinov, The Lute Society of America

"Christopher Wilke pushes the instrument to the extreme limit of its tonal and dynamic capabilities, playing not only with a technical expertise rivaling that of, say, a Paul O'Dette or a Robert Barto, but also with a range of expressiveness beyond that of any recording artist I have ever heard on the lute. ...Indeed, this most recent work of his may well be to lute playing what the Copernican revolution (continued by Kepler and Galileo) was to cosmology ... It is nothing short of revolutionary."
     - SWA, Amazon.com

"A revelation...Wilke plays with an explicit passion and panache I've never heard before on any lute. This album deserves a place in the list of pioneering recordings of 'early' music."
     - Bill Sampson, CDBaby.com

"Chris Wilke plays with both technical authority and great sensitivity. This is a CD not to be missed!"
    - Dr. Charles Browne, Amazon.uk

"It's truly inspiring. Wilke's playing is amazingly accurate but remains inventive and surprising throughout."
     - t8lisker, iTunes Belgium

"[T]his really is far more like real music than most of us have heard before on a lute, especially the way Chris plays (with, around, at, through, over) it... Chris has made it more about the message than about the medium."
     - Adamo, Amazon.com

New album released!